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    Is Sofainsider just another survey tool that asks for my feedback?

    No. We believe that although traditional surveys can help organisations learn from the past they are not sufficient when creating a truly exceptional customer experience. Sofainsider is based on co-creation between organisations and people (insiders) who can help shape and improve their services and products. Sofainsider gives people a unique opportunity to voice their views on how great services should be delivered, organised, and improved in order to exceed customer expectations. We promise it will be exciting.

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    When will Sofainsider be launched?

    Sofainsider is currently under development. We expect to launch it at the end of 2022. We’re looking for curious people to be our testers and help us build the platform together. Sign up and we will invite you to test the platform when it’s ready. Just leave your email and be the first to know about its launch.


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    How can I earn money with Sofainsider?

    We value your opinion and time so as an insider, you will earn your first credits by completing your profile, and later on, you will be paid for every insight shared with organisations. The reward depends on the time required to complete the survey. Also, soon we will launch a referral program that will allow you to earn credits for inviting your friends to join the platform. Every good deed counts!

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    What do I need to participate in Sofainsider?

    All you need to participate in Sofainsider is internet connection and a mobile device in your hands. Sign up, complete your profile in 5 minutes and wait for an invite notification in your inbox.

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    How should I answer the questions?

    All the answers you provide are anonymous and we will never disclose any personal information that could be used to identify you, thus we ask for and value your true and honest opinion. We respect and are open to different views and perspectives, therefore we ask you for that in return. When answering questions, be tolerant of others and don’t use hate speech or profanities. Take your time, don’t rush through the questions and give your best effort.


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    Who are the insiders?

    Insiders are regular people who signed up to Sofainsider aiming to participate in research performed by organisations. They are not experts but they are interested in giving you their honest opinion about any topic, related to your product or service development and improvement.

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    Is Sofainsider based on a methodological approach?

    Yes. We work with industry experts who ensure Sofainsider is built around proven research methodologies and best practices. Each survey type is based on a specific methodological approach, defined sample size, and demographics to ensure organisations reach their research goals by receiving the most accurate insights from insiders.

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    Who can create research questionnaires?

    Sofainsider is an easy-to-use tool that allows organisations to create the questionnaires themselves based on the purpose of their research. Besides, organisations can purchase additional services from Sofainsider experts who can help to define the purpose of the research, prepare questionnaires, select the target audience and run the research on their behalf. If you are interested in purchasing additional services, please contact us by email at hello@sofainsider.com.

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