Validate service process flow

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    5 - 6 min


Ask insiders to provide their thoughts on your defined service process flow. When responding to this questionnaire, insiders are presented with a future service vision and follow up questions. Process improvement questionnaires can be done before launching the new or updated service, which means companies can gain valuable insights early on and adjust the process as needed. This method allows to gather both quantitative and qualitative insights and helps to understand the what as well as the why.


Improved/ new service flow. You can use text, pictures or schematic visuals to explain how your future service will work, so that insiders can better understand service vision and overall process. You can also combine various input formats if that helps to explain your vision better.

Follow up questions. After presenting a future service vision, you can ask insiders various questions to understand their preferences and priorities. You can use various question types (such as multiple choice, rating, ranking or open-ended questions). These questions allow you to get deeper insights about what works and what doesn’t.


Validate future service vision

Present your defined future service vision and process flow to insiders and gain their feedback if the vision fits their needs.

Understand critical process steps

Ask insiders to rank which process steps or improvements are crucial to them and should be implemented first.

Gather ideas from insiders

Ask insiders to provide more ideas how your service could work better and fit their needs.

Gain insights early on in the process

Use this method before launching the new or improved service and adjust the process accordingly before investing too much into development.

A step by step process flow explained on paper helps to understand target user's perspective and where improvements are needed


Pay only for the number of insights you want to get. No hidden platform or subscription fees. The price for one insight is based on the duration of the survey. The longer the survey, the more each insight costs.

Define your target audience

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