Test new service concept

  • Recommended number of insights

  • Recommended number of questions

    up to 10
  • Estimated time to complete

    3 - 4 min


Test your service concept early on with your target users. This can help you understand if you are on a right track and if your target group perceived the concept as valuable.


Understand problem area. Identify the problem you are trying to solve and ask insiders how they percieve this problem today.

New service concept. Briefly present your service concept solving the identified problem area.

Follow up questions. Ask insiders if they think your service would solve the identified problem. Dig deeper to understand what do they like or dislike about your service concept.


Gain insights early on in the process

Use this method when you have a new idea or concept and adjust the process accordingly before investing too much into development.

Understand if the problem is real

Understand if your target users experience the identified pain points.

Get constructive feedback

Understand if your idea can solve your target users pain points.

Identify and understand how people experience the problem and what alternatives are used to solve it at the moment.


Pay only for the number of insights you want to get. No hidden platform or subscription fees. The price for one insight is based on the duration of the survey. The longer the survey, the more each insight costs.

Define your target audience

  • How many questions do you need?

  • What demographic filters do you apply? Basic filters make it possible to select audience by general criteria, meanwhile Advanced filters narrow down recipients by specific parameters.

  • How many insights do you need? (min 50)